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Patient Stories

At the Waukesha Heart Institute you can feel safe knowing that thousands of patients have been helped with our care. Our patients are the reason we do what we do and we love hearing their stories.  Here’s what some of our patients have to say:

Melinda’s Experience: 

“I believe my husband is alive today because Dr. Gill is his doctor. And I trust that. I’ve trusted him with my husband’s life. I’m now trusting him with mine.”

For more about Melinda’s experience, watch her video:

Katherine’s Story:

“I would recommend him [Dr. Gill] to anyone in the world because he is so fantastic. He treats you so nice. You feel comfortable. You know that you’re going to be okay. You know what he tells you is the truth.”

Watch Katherine’s video for more, and to hear a poem she wrote for Dr. Gill:

Carol’s Story:

“I met Dr. Singh because of the fact that I had sudden cardiac death at work….my dad died when he was 46. But, they didn’t find out why, but it’s odd because exactly at 46 is when I dropped dead.”

To hear more of Carol’s story and her experience with Dr. Singh, watch her video:

James’ Story:

“I was in Wisconsin on business. I had no previous symptoms and thought I was in good health. I even mentioned to someone on the plane about how I felt great for my age. I’m 55.

After arriving, I had a peculiar feeling. I had a burning sensation in my throat, like after exercising in the cold, but I was in a room that was 75 degrees. It started to spread to my chest and moved to my armpits. I thought I would tough it out and drove to the hotel. I’m driving and it hit me full force. I got to the hotel room and the pressure and pain in my arms and chest was intense. I thought, “I’m having a heart attack and need to call 911.” I felt like I was about to faint, so I crawled to the phone and dialed zero for the front desk and they called 911. EMS arrived real quick and took me to the hospital.

The two main arteries in my heart were 99% blocked, there was very little blood and oxygen going to my brain. I met Dr. Singh the next morning and he put in two stents in the blocked arteries and I felt better two hours later.  I feel I could have gone for a run!

They had me in the following Tuesday for a stress test. There were blockages in two other arteries and Dr. Singh put in two more stents in the smaller arteries that Friday. I felt so comfortable that I was being looked after. I was in great hands.

I called my brother who is a radiologist and is involved with the types of procedures I had. It was reassuring when he told me, “I would have done exactly what Dr. Singh did.”

I feel good, people said I look better, and my general attitude is better.  Dr. Singh repaired my heart and I feel like a million bucks!”

John’s Experience:

“I came in in the ER at Waukesha Memorial and Dr. Singh was assigned my case. I wasn’t looking for him but luckily I got him. I went into cardiac arrest twice and he’s taken care of me both times.

He’s been really good at calling me and keeping in touch if I’ve got a problem. Everyone in the office has been good. They’ve been very accommodating with my schedule, planning around deer hunting and things like that.

You really feel like you’re at home when you come here. The girls joke around with you and I like to kid around with them so that’s always nice. You don’t have to go, “oh, jeez I’m going to see Dr. Singh”; you don’t have to get all uptight about it.

My wife’s happy. I’m happy. I still can do 90% of what I used to do. Everything’s been real good. They’ve been keeping me going for 11 years.

As far as Dr. Singh, first thing is, I don’t have any complaints. I’d give him a definite A+ as far as taking care of me. I live a pretty normal life and I might not be doing that if it wasn’t for him.”

Seeking Testimonials
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