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A Happy Childhood Leads to Adult Heart Health

A Happy Childhood Leads to Adult Heart Health

A happy childhood leads to adult heart health says a new study that was conducted in Finland over the last few decades. A recent article in Medical News Today explored the findings which showed children that grew up with positive psychosocial factors, such as a family that practiced health habits, is financially stable, and provides an emotionally stable environment had better cardiovascular health as adults.

The results showed that children that grew up in households with the most positive psychosocial factors had a:

  • 14 percent greater chance of being at normal weight as an adult;
  • 12 percent greater chance of being a non-smoker as an adult; and
  • 11 percent greater chance to have a healthy glucose level as an adult.

The results of this study highlight the fact that the path to heart health starts early and that the benefits are long lasting. The choices that parents make early can have an impact on their children’s health for years to come.